Special Wolchek Academy Team (SWAT) Members:

Once you promote to green belt, you are eligible for our loyalty program. This club is for students with a green belt or higher. Being a SWAT member will give you many new benefits and training options.

S.W.A.T. Benefits / Student Rewards:
  • New embroidered uniform with your name
  • Sparring Equipment for sparring and grappling class
  • Free weekly sparring and grappling classes
  • Weekly SWAT only classes (green and up, no beginners)
  • Free monthly seminars and special events (i.e. board breaking, tumbling, weapons and guest instructors)
Financial Benefits:
  • Lower monthly tuition rates
  • Special discounts on pro shop purchases
  • Discount pricing on in-house tournaments, camps and special events
  • Online training and much more!