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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

Outdoor park training has concluded for the season.  Indoor / zoom / private lesson options available for the Winter schedule.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are utilizing a roster based schedule for the foreseeable future. Each student is assigned to a group. 
Each group has 8 students or less. Students can attend any of the class times for their group, but may not attend class times of other groups. 
Classes are available both in person, or online through zoom. 
*If you have not been assigned to a group, or need the zoom passcodes, email us at*

Winter Schedule 2020 effective Nov. 1st
Zoom Classes
Beg. Zoom3:45***3:45***1:15 PM
Inter. Zoom***3:45***3:451:15 PM
Adv. Zoom***4:30***4:301:15 PM
Black Belt Zoom***6:15***6:151:15 PM
Adult Zoom6:30***6:30***9:45 AM
In-house Classes
Group #14:30***5:15***10:30 AM
Group #25:15***4:30***11:15 AM
Group #3***5:00***5:4512:00
Group #4***5:45***5:0012:45
Group #56:00***6:00***9:45 AM