March 5th

12:00 to 2:00 pm

Come compete in a safe and friendly environment in our intramural practice tournament! Whether you're a complete newbie to competition, or a seasoned competitor, our tournament will allow you to practice and show off your skills while having fun at the same time!

The tournament will consist of a few divisions. The first two divisions cost $35.00  and each additional division is another $5. Please fill out the google form below to register for the tournament in addition to purchasing the product. If there is an issue with this, you can register at the front desk. All participants need to have filled out this form. 

The practice tournament is open to all belt levels and ages. Participants will be grouped according to age and belt rank. 

Registration Form

The Divisions:

Super Skills: Open to all belts. In this division, competitors show off fun skills they have worked on in class such as speed kicking, ninja star throwing, and frog jumping for points. 

Traditional Forms: Open to all belts. Competitors present their form that they've learned in class to a panel of black belt judges.

Weapons Forms: Red Belts and up. Competitors present their weapons form, traditional or creative, to a panel of black belt judges.

Sparring: Green Belts and up: Competitors point spar against other students, with leadership team members as corner judges.