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SWAT: Intermediate & Advanced Martial Arts

Special Wolchek Academy Team (SWAT)

This is our Intermediate/Advanced Belt Karate Program for those students who have completed the Beginner Program by earning their Green Belt. 

This program will cover the forms, combinations, self defense skills, and Character Words necessary to progress through the Intermediate and Advanced Levels (Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black Stripe Belts). Upon completion, students will be invited to begin training for 1st Degree Black Belt. 

In addition to the Belt Curriculum, SWAT Members are able to participate in additional Sparring/Grappling Classes. These classes are designed to be safe, fun, and developmental in nature to progress the student through the necessary skills for Sport Karate (Sparring) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Grappling).

SWAT Member Benefits:

  • Black embroidered WAMA uniform
  • Eligible for Additional Sparring/Grappling Classes (Green Belts and up) and Weapons Classes (Red Belts and Up)
  • Eligible to Attend Special Monthly Seminars (SWAT Class)
  • Lower Monthly Tuition