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Training in the Park

Every Saturday in June

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week's training in the park, either in person or via Zoom! 
Due to all the positive feedback we receive from everyone about the event, we have decided to continue Training in the Park for every Saturday in June
Training in the Park takes place in the grassy park area at the north end of our building's parking lot. Students attend in person, at their scheduled Saturday class time. For students who do not wish to attend in person, we will hold one Zoom class at noon, 12:00pm. This zoom class is for all students, regardless of age or belt level. View the class schedule here.
There are picnic tables spaced out under shade in the park. We encourage parents who wish to do so to watch their child's class from these benches. Classes in the middle of the day will almost certainly be hot, so bring a water bottle. You may choose to come wearing sunscreen, but classes will be 30 minutes long to reduce the chance of burning. 
We hope to see you there!

The park is at the end of this driveway.

Here is a closer view of the park. The field classes will take place in in is on the right.