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1 Month of unlimited Kids Karate + Uniforms for $99

          Wolchek Academy in Boulder, Colorado has a unique curriculum that incorporates multiple styles of martial arts (Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Eskrima), along with yoga, basic tumbling and physical conditioning with character development, discipline, respect, Bully skills, Stranger Danger, sportsmanship and leadership skills. Students progress at their own pace in a safe and exciting atmosphere, taught by World Champion Instructors with years of experience teaching Martial Arts to children in the Boulder Valley.

Try a group class!Your child will enjoy a fast-paced Kids Karate program full of fun martial arts drills that engage their imagination and creativity. They'll develop a love for fitness and the "can do it attitude" to shine physically, intellectually, mentally, and socially, as well as learn focus and respect, how to listen to an adult to learn faster, and have fun in our safe, exciting martial arts class.

For the group class choose one of these times:

 Beginner Kids: 

                               Monday 4:45-5:30pm 

                               Tuesday 3:45-4:00pm 

                               Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm 

                               Thursday 4:30-5:15pm 

                               Saturday 11:00-11:45am 


 Questions? Email us at or call us at 303-443-3088

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